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Small Agency Affiliates

Are you an up and coming digital marketing agency or an independent creative?

We help freelancers and small agencies through our Agency Affiliate Program in which we become your reliable development support as you grow your agency.  Find and build your client relationships, give them great design, and then let our development team do the rest!

When you work with WebDevPartner it is about growing your business.

We will provide a flat rate quote on your projects. When there is a major change in the project, we will provide a prompt quote before going further. Sometimes we are asked to work on an existing site, and in that case we give you an estimate that is a range of time and cost.

Once you have approved the final design we create the .psd files and with your content we will lay out a work plan to implement. You can purchase the needed licenses or plugins, but this is something we can do as well.

It begins with finalizing the proposal that we work closely with you to attain.  From there we work out a project timeline that meets your expectations. 

Areas that we serve include :



Data collection/ distribution
Integration into third-party services, like Quickbooks
Inventory tracking
Video streaming
Social media interface
Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. If there is an issue with the code we provide, we will address promptly and there is no charge. Occasionally, there are other requirements or activities that are important but not in the scope of work. In this case we review the additional cost before going forward.

Once the project is started, you will see the progress of the site on our test server via a link that is private.

Let us be the foundation for you to build your business

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